Pitted Green Olives

Did you know? Worldwide, most olives are cultivated in the Mediterranean region, 75% of which occurs in Europe, totalling over 500 million olive trees.

Did you know? Olive trees are long-lived evergreens said to be almost immortal. One such tree on the island of Crete in Greece is estimated to be over 1000 years old, still bearing fruit, despite harsh climates.


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  • Olive, Chickpea and Avocado Hummus

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    Inspired by the tastes of our green olives, this recipe is winning over hearts (and palates). The rich and creamy hummus is served best with vegetables, sliced bread or baked chips and makes for a show-stopping appetizer. It’s also great for late-night snacking and entertaining guests.


The sun-baked climate of Spain helps grow over 2.4 million hectares of olive trees annually, making it the world leader in olive production. Southern Spanish cuisine features spiced dishes that include olives, chicken, artichokes, even beef and seafood. Spain is also renowned for its specialty in tapas, a global favourite.

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