Mexico’s cuisine has been influenced by its hot, dry, growing climate, which favours a wide range of delicious produce. Some of the most ancient and time-honoured favourites are hot peppers. Jalapeños and other peppers have been cultivated since the Aztecs ruled Mexico, they are highly prized internationally as a delicious and versatile ingredient in a wide range of dishes.

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  • Hot Jalapeño Tapenade

    Bring the heat and flavour, and use as a topping or ingredient to spice up any creation.

  • Jalapeños Stuffed with Feta Cheese

    One bite and your taste buds will never be the same! These peppers are cored and stuffed with feta cheese. Enjoy in your favourite recipes, with grilled meats, sausage, and of course, on the BBQ.

  • Jalapeño Slices

    These jalapeño slices are great for sprinkling into sandwiches or wraps. Even try them on top of pizza to add a bit of bite!

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