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    Whole Royal Black Olives

    The Royal Black olive is tree ripened from the Peloponese Peninsula and is known for being full flavoured and succulent. They range from dark brown to purple-black in color. Perfect for Greek salads and for pizza toppings.

    Whole Sicilian Style Olives

    À la Sicilienne olives are commonly known as Sicilian olives. They are small green olives imported from the Nafplion region of the Mediterranean. Bittersweet in taste and blended with a marinade of spices, these flavourful olives are a favourite in pasta sauces and on pizza.

    Whole Sundried Black Olives

    Sundried Black olives are sun dried along the coastal regions of Morocco. They have a soft wrinkly texture with an intensified olive taste and a flavour unique to their own. Serve these olives with grilled meats or season and broil lightly in the oven.