Mediterranean Olives

    Mediterranean Contadina Olives

    Contadina  is a brand of Italian-inspired olives, small green olives imported from the Nafplion region of the Mediterranean. A kick of spice in taste and blended with a marinade of spices and vegetables. Perfect for your charcuterie or simply served on your own.

    Mediterranean Kalamata Olives

    The Kalamata olive is a trademark of Greece that is almond in shape with a pointed tip and a brownish to deep purple colour. It is picked in late fall and is naturally cured to preserve its rich nutty flavour. Its dense texture is perfect for pesto and olive bread or simply to enjoy as a table olive.

    Mediterranean Party Mix Olives

    This medley has the most prized olives from the Mediterranean coasts to provide a range of tastes and textures. These olives are a worthy companion to wine and cheese.

    Mediterranean Stuffed

    Our Greek green olives are stuffed with sweet pimento strips to complement their mild flavour. They are our most popular olives for martinis, perfect as appetizers or salad garnishes (chopped or whole), and exceptional as a pizza topping.