Black Olive Tapenade

There is nothing like fresh home-style pesto and tapenade. Enjoy them as a refreshing part of your meals all season long. They are so flavourful and versatile, try using them in pastas, salads, even soups and countless other recipes.

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  • Food

    Grilled Fish, Pasta, Tagines

  • Beverages

    Sauvignon Blanc

  • Cheese

    Fresh Goat Cheese


Tub/Pails: Kalamata & ripe black olives, canola oil, water, salt, dehydrtaed garlic, vinegar, potassium sorbate, ferrous gluconate
Greek kalamata & spanish ripe black olives, canola & extra virgin olive oil, dehydrated garlic, water, salt, vinegar, calcium chloride, ferrous gluconate.