Roasted Pepper Wraps

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The savoury-sweet taste of our fire-roasted red peppers are complemented perfectly by smooth and creamy goat cheese in this flavourful wrap recipe. Enjoy them for lunch, dinner or even a snack if you’re especially hungry!



  1. Lay out flat 4 wraps and spread basil pesto on each.
  2. Add 2 pieces of sweet fire roasted pepper to each wrap.
  3. Sprinkle the goat cheese evenly over each wrap.
  4. Add onions and cilantro.
  5. Salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Fold both sides of the wrap to touch in the middle.
  7. Roll the opposite side over, to complete the roll.
  8. Use a toothpick to hold.

Tip: Take care not to overfill each wrap or they will be difficult to fold properly.