Recipes and Inspiration

Mediterranean NachosA Mediterranean take on a Tex-Mex favourite, with freedom to add or remove toppings based on what you love!
Mediterranean Shrimp SaladSeafood meets salad in a hearty offering complete with Mediterranean veggies and shrimp for a delicious, rustic flavour.
Sardo Antipasto PastaA fresh, no cook 'sauce' of antipasto condiments that makes for an easy-peasy pasta! This is one of those recipes that you can totally make your own. If you don't like one of the ingredients, just double up on one of the others.
Basil Pesto ShrimpAre you looking for an appetizer that goes above and beyond the common sight of a shrimp cocktail ring and marinara sauce? Start your party off right with the delicious combination of sautéed shrimp and pesto dipping sauce. Your guests will praise your creativity and culinary insight when they feast their eyes and tuck their forks into this elaborate take on the classic shrimp appetizer.
Medley Olive SaladCombining flavour with nutrition, this hearty salad is rich in iron, fibre and protein and makes for a delicious meal all on its own. This recipe is quick and easy, with a high yield, so it’s perfect for families! The best part is that there’s minimal preparation involved since the ingredients can simply be drained and mixed.
Basil Pesto PastaSwap classic tomato sauce on your pasta for the refreshing, nutty taste of basil pesto. Quick to prepare and packed with flavour the whole family can enjoy, our savoury basil pesto delivers a gourmet twist to the traditional for the perfect light summer meal. From penne to linguine, it works well on a variety of pasta types for a custom dish every time.
Mediterranean Olive SaladEnjoy the refreshing taste of spring all year round with this robust and colourful arrangement. This simple salad requires only a few ingredients, as is traditional with preparing Mediterranean meals. It’s crunchy and light yet has a lot of substance for a salad — perfect as a lunch alternative to sandwiches and more.
Pizza AthenaThis Greek-inspired pie combines the mild and mellow flavours of tomato and black olives with the comforting aroma of garlic and basil leaves. Much like the goddess from whom its name is derived, this gourmet pizza is sure to “save the day” as it satisfies your hunger for Mediterranean cuisine!
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