Recipes and Inspiration

Stuffed Chicken Breast with BruschettaA chicken entrée made unique by infusing it with bruschetta mix and sundried tomatoes for a dish that's as pleasing to the eye as it is the tastebuds.
Mediterranean NachosA Mediterranean take on a Tex-Mex favourite, with freedom to add or remove toppings based on what you love!
Mediterranean Shrimp SaladSeafood meets salad in a hearty offering complete with Mediterranean veggies and shrimp for a delicious, rustic flavour.
Sardo Antipasto PastaA fresh, no cook 'sauce' of antipasto condiments that makes for an easy-peasy pasta! This is one of those recipes that you can totally make your own. If you don't like one of the ingredients, just double up on one of the others.
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