Recipes and Inspirations

Sundried Tomato HummusThis easy Sundried Tomatoes Hummus is so tasty. A perfect combination with raw vegetables and crackers! A delicious spread on a toasted bagel with Arugula as a topping. It is convenient to have as a snack and ready available to serve. It is more economical to make, in addition to control the ingredients placed in the recipe. This recipe is a great healthy alternative. Enjoy!
Wraps with Kalamata PestoLight lunch fare that's quick and easy to prepare, with kalamata olives and pesto for extra flavour.
Cheese Christmas LogEveryone knows the traditional Christmas log that we serve for dessert, it's super pretty and festive. I was inspired by this idea to create a Festive Cheese Log that can be served as an aperitif or in a buffet accompanied by slices of bread or crackers.This Christmas Cheese Log is an explosion of flavors. The cheese mixture is fill with a multitude of condiments like artichokes, olives, sundried tomatoes and grilled peppers which makes each bite different, but just as delicious.You can prepare the cheese log up to 4 days in advance, simply omit the garniture on top just add it at the last minute.
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