Recipes and Inspirations

Mediterranean Olive SaladEnjoy the refreshing taste of spring all year round with this robust and colourful arrangement. This simple salad requires only a few ingredients, as is traditional with preparing Mediterranean meals. It’s crunchy and light yet has a lot of substance for a salad — perfect as a lunch alternative to sandwiches and more.
Pizza AthenaThis Greek-inspired pie combines the mild and mellow flavours of tomato and black olives with the comforting aroma of garlic and basil leaves. Much like the goddess from whom its name is derived, this gourmet pizza is sure to “save the day” as it satisfies your hunger for Mediterranean cuisine!
Roasted Fennel with OlivesWho knew how well fennel’s licorice notes would pair with savoury sundried black olives? This dish boasts a bold flavour that is sure to bring compliments to the chef.
Olive LoafTransform an ordinary white loaf into something special! Olives add a depth of flavour to this rustic bread recipe. This loaf is crusty, chewy and filled with the goodness of our Kalamata and black olives. The interior crumb is light-textured, aromatic and packs a pocket of flavour with every bite.
Pasta PrimaveraThis traditional Italian pasta dish, which has developed many variations over the generations, bursts with a variety of colourful and fresh veggies. Our healthy recipe provides you with a balanced dish, and the option to take creative liberties where desired. This complete, good-for-you meal will satisfy the pasta lover, and is also great for getting kids to eat their veggies.
Spicy Sundried Tomato Grilled CheeseTake the flavour of "game time" to the next level with this hearty twist on the classic grilled cheese! Spiced up with tex-mex and jalapeño pepper slices, this savoury sandwich is sure to satisfy.
Chicken and Grilled Mushroom EntréeOur favourite meat protein gets a boost in this easy-to-make and flavourful recipe. Using our grilled button mushrooms and their oil-based marinade, infuse chicken breasts with an instant rich flavour and aroma that is sure to satisfy. Finding quality meals you can prepare in minutes is no simple task, making this recipe the perfect sidekick to your busy schedule.
Roasted Pepper WrapsThe savoury-sweet taste of our fire-roasted red peppers are complemented perfectly by smooth and creamy goat cheese in this flavourful wrap recipe. Enjoy them for lunch, dinner or even a snack if you’re especially hungry!
Summer Sensation SaladEver enjoy a salad that tastes like summer? Olives, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese come together to create a savoury Sicilian experience that rivals the warmth of the sun. One taste of this recipe will make you feel like you’re soaking up the sunrays on an unspoiled stretch of Italian beach.
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