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Classic Muffuletta

Muffuletta is a truly savoury, zesty and piquant sandwich. Traditionally made out of one whole loaf of bread and then cut into wedges, it can just as easily be made into individual servings. Sardo olive bruschetta is the delicious "secret" ingredient to this sandwiches popularity. By: Sabrina Currie @wckitchengarden
Total Time10 mins

What you need

 6 Ciabatta Buns or 1 round or oval loaf of ciabatta or similar.
 12 Slices Provolone Cheese (approx 170 g or 6 oz)
 150 g Choose 3 of these: Capicola, Mortadella, Prosciutto, Soppressata, Salami or Ham 3 meats x 150 g each (approx 5.5 oz)

Let's get Started


Slice loaf of bread or buns in half horizontally so you have a top and bottom. Lay them open in front of you.


Spread olive bruschetta equally over tops and bottoms of bread.


Then layer 1/2 of cheese, meat and remaining half of cheese.


Place top half of bread on top, wrap carefully with parchment or plastic wrap. Place on a plate, put another plate on top to weight it down, then place in fridge until ready to enjoy.


If made individually, these are ready to go. If it is a large round, cut this into about 6 wedges.


Optionally, you can grill these in a panini press or weight down in a regular frying pan. (Not traditional but a tasty alternative.)