Creamy Mushroom Chicken - Sardo Foods


Creamy Mushroom Chicken

There are so many ways to use Sardo Foods Mushroom Bruschetta and here's one of my recent creations! Creamy Mushroom Chicken! Perfect, easy to make and so flavourful for some comfort food this season! @thesillykitchen

What you need

 4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
 1 cup Stock
 ½ cup Cream or Milk
 1 Onion
 3 Cloves of Garlic
 2 tbsp Flour
 1 tbsp Butter
 Parmesan Cheese
 Salt & Pepper

Let's get Started


Cook chicken in a hot pan on both sides. Let sit for 20-25 minutes covered on medium heat.


Leave all the juices in the pan and add in your garlic, onions, butter and a cup of chicken stock.


Add in lots of spoon fulls of Sardo Mushroom Bruschetta with your choice of cream or milk. (Optional) add in lots of black pepper if you like that peppery flavour


To thicken up our sauce take a little bit of that juice and mix it with flour to thicken it up and let it simmer


Add parmesan cheese and stir


Cover the chicken in the sauce and add some greenery on top by sprinkling fresh herbs


Serve on top of garlic mashed potatoes and a ton of extra sauce