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Grilled Artichoke and Cheese Panini

This is such a simple recipe; it doesn't even really qualify as a recipe!
Prep Time10 minsCook Time10 minsTotal Time20 mins

What you need

 4 Panini Buns, cut in half horizontally
 6 oz Cheese-Brie for adults, Havarti for kids (2 large slices of Havarti cheese per sandwich)
 1-2 cups Spinach or Arugula
 Salt and Pepper to taste
 Tip: Optional add ins: Ham, Prosciutto, Sardo Kalamata Olive Pesto
Side Dish
 1-2 cups Quinoa, cooked

Let's get Started


Lay out bottom 4 panini halves and put 1 layer of chosen cheese on each. Top with artichokes, 1/4-1/2 c of spinach and any optional add ins. Add another layer of cheese and season to taste.


Put panini's in a large cast iron or non stick pan, add top half of bun and put a dinner plate on top to weight down gently. Turn heat on to medium. Once heated and becoming toasty and melty (about 8-10 minutes), flip sandwiches over, put plate back on top and grill 5 more minutes or until nicely toasted.


Cut in half and serve while warm.


Place Quinoa on the side and add Sardo Greek Salad, mix together. Enjoy with your delicious grilled panini!