The Sardo Story

Our Vision

It’s simple: Sardo Foods loves providing Canadian families with authentic European delicacies, especially our world-renowned olive products. For decades, we have introduced the North American market to the diverse and explosive flavours of Mediterranean olives, from Cerignola to Castelvetrano, giving them a true taste of the Italian delicacy.

Pulling inspiration from the past - Mario's own childhood memories in his parents’ Sicilian olive grove - and influences from the modern North American palate, Sardo Foods has crafted a menu of scrumptious and wholesome snacks and antipasti that are loved by all ages.

Each Sardo Foods product is instilled with our core values: quality, taste, culture and value. Our goal is not only to keep our customers satisfied, but also to keep them excited by the new and innovative products crafted by the culinary visionaries at Sardo Foods.

My family has invested a lifetime into the passionate pursuit of excellence in fine Mediterranean food, and we're proud to share this love with you. We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy.

Buon appetito!

About Us

Passionate about food. Dedicated to quality. For generations

It began in an open-air market in Italy.

While on vacation in his home country, Mario Sardo and his son Oliver strolled through a busy street market, scanning the rows of vendors in hopes of finding the source of an enticing aroma.

Upon discovering an olive merchant, Mario was impressed by the incredible variety and beautiful arrangement - something that was missing from Canada’s own supermarkets back home.

“Back then, most North Americans only knew of the green olive and the black olive,” explains Mario Sardo. Mario and his wife Joan wanted to bring the authentic and flavourful variety overseas so that Canadians could experience the true delicacy of Mediterranean olives.

Mario took the idea back to Ontario, where he revamped their food importing company to focus specifically on that tiny, tart Mediterranean fruit. He invented the concept of the “olive table,” pitching it to one of their largest and longtime clients, who fell in love with the concept immediately - as did customers across the country.

Today, almost half a century after that fateful trip to the open-air market in Italy, Sardo Foods is one of Canada’s largest private label suppliers and manufacturers of fine Mediterranean-grown olives and antipasti. Constantly evolving by adding new innovations to its roster of products, like kid-friendly olive snacks and unique European-style condiments, the Sardo family has created a legacy across North America as the olive authority.

Passionate about giving customers a true taste of the Mediterranean, Sardo Foods crafts its products to reminisce the genuine flavour as enjoyed overseas, but also seasons them to work with the slightly different North American palate. It’s the best of both worlds - and with Sardo’s commitment to sourcing its fruit from sustainable farmers it’s the best for our world, too.

SARDO Foods is a privately held company with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing, sales and national distribution

Our focus, dedication and commitment have resulted in strong national brand recognition as well as significant private label production.

Our loyalty and dedication to customers have resulted in strong partnerships that have been beneficial to all parties involved, especially the consumer.

Sardo’s 200,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehousing facility produces more than 200 product lines.

We are CFIA, FDA, H.A.C.C.P. and SQF certified meaning that you and your customers can rest assured that our handling of each and every ingredient meets or exceeds the highest possible professional standards.