Sustainability and Tradition - Sardo Foods

Sustainability and Tradition

The Sardo Foods Difference


Olives, by natures design, are a water-efficient, low input crop. We work with growers utilizing state-of-the-art moisture management and renewable energy systems.
We utilize local farmers whenever possible for our ingredients.

Olive Sustainability

Olive cultivation within the European Union can have both positive and negative environment effects.Olive growing has become more intense over the last two or three decades using an increasing amount of land and water, two resources that are scarce.

Seafood Sustainability

Our Sardo Select Seafood products are all sustainably produced.


The olive tree is a symbol of peace, wisdom, fertility, prosperity, luck, victory. No fruit bearing tree in our land has been praised, painted, sung, as much as the olive tree. This tree, that loves the sea and the Mediterranean sun, grows even on arid and rocky soils and survives under drought conditions and strong winds.
They continue to grow fruit in times of both prosperity and deprivation. The olive and the olive tree have left its imprint in every aspect of the cultural tradition of the Mediterranean people.
At Sardo, our olives are harvested by our personally selected growers. Our growers aren’t just suppliers, they are our partners in crafting our products.
We are guided by the principle that natural products are perfect without too much processing and must therefore be treated as gently and with as much love as possible in order to produce the finest foods for you and your family.